Advertising that pays you money

Do you have a website?

Need to reach clients to protect your specials?

Need to make extra income per month from your website visits?then look no further

Futurenet Adpro is the answer

Buy Futurenet Adpacks there are two types of Adpacks

1. $10/R150 Adpack this Adpacks is not providing good results

2. $50/R900 Adpack this Adpack is the must have Adpack and the more you buy the more Adview you get so that you can promote your website for your potential clients to see your website and see your specials and at the same time you earn money every 30 minutes for 24 hours for just viewing other Business website 

If you buy R5000 worth of $50 Adpacks you can make R60 profit per day or if you buy R10 000 worth of Adpacks you can expect to make R150 profit per day 

In short the more Adpacks you buy the more profit you make per day for just viewing 10 website everyday 


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