Traffic Fine Manager

Traffic Fine Manager does exactly what we say. Manage traffic fines. Starting with an audit of unpaid fines, and then representation to reduce or cancel the fines.

The service fee is based on the saving, or on case of no saving, a fixed fee of R50 excluding VAT.

Both AARTO and CPA fines are addressed in this manner, and NAG fines can be attended to on behalf of the alleged infringer.

Warrants of arrest are addressed as well.

A monthly subscription service is available at R25 per month. Now you have the power in your hand to pay your vehicle license disc costs, or view and pay your fines.  

For GP licensed vehicle owners, we have a solution for that frustration called a license renewal.

No queues, no paperwork, no time wasted. 

Vehicle License Online. simply send a photo of the current license disc on teh vehicle, and yoru driving license card to us. 

We will send you a cost, and once paid we will have the new disc delivered to your door within 3 days.

Simple, easy, no mess no fuss.


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